In technical literature 13 potential shortcomings of bitumen have been identified. We engineer your bitumen to mitigate these shortcomings for you.

The following list shows 13 identified possible bitumen shortcomings. Except the HSSE related ones 8. and 9. all others can be fixed

  1. Adhesion
  2. Cohesion
  3. Too hard
  4. Too soft
  5. Unpleasant odour
  6. Ductility too low
  7. Ages too quickly
  8. HSSE issues with regard to Mutagenicity index (not solvable)
  9. HSSE issues with regard to PAH’s (not solvable)
  10. PI too high / too low
  11. Useful Temperature Interval too small
  12. Polymer compatibility
  13. Emulsion compatibility


If you need support in engineering bitumen to overcome these shortcomings.


If you are interested in the techniques of engineering bitumen, we recommend reading our article about processing. If you want to find out more about particular products, visit our products page.

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