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We make the price risks of your raw material calculable – for bitumen, for fuel oil, for Diesel.


Asphalt Solutions – unique chemistry helping you build and maintain better roads. Full line of rheology modifiers, rejuvinators, anti-strip additives and emulsifiers.

Zydex ZycoTherm

Silan chemistry based products to achieve chemical bonding between the aggregate and the binder, and complete coating resulting in improved compaction at lower temperatures.


Our preferred bitumen partner for road building, roofing and industrial applications is NordBit.

Our Business Model

Business Model

3 is a magic Number

Throughout time, it seems humans have latched onto 3 to help them make sense of the world. Some of it seems logical and some just pure imagination. But it can’t be denied that 3 has stuck in the human mind for millennia as being a number that means something. For our company it reflects our desire to represent the missing link in our modern business world of oil refining, refining residues and bitumen – the link between producer and consumer, product and consumer, problem and solution.

Try us – make us your solution provider for your value creation with residues, bitumen and related products.

We provide services, trade products apply processes in order to upgrade refining residues and to engineer better bitumen to make better asphalt and longer lasting roads.

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Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016

The Pictogramsystem for Albrecht Supply Concepts has recently been honored with the
Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016.

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