The Business Model: 3 is a magic number

Throughout time, it seems humans have latched onto 3 to help them make sense of the world. Some of it seems logical and some just pure imagination. But it can’t be denied that 3 has stuck in the human mind for millennia as being a number that means something.

For our company it reflects our desire to represent the missing link in our modern business world of oil refining, refining residues and bitumen – the link between producer and consumer, product and consumer, problem and solution.

Business Model

Try us – make us your solution provider for your value creation with residues, bitumen and related products.

What we do

We provide services, trade products apply processes in order to upgrade refining residues and to engineer better bitumen to make better asphalt and longer lasting roads.

Doing business across borders successfully requires understanding of cultural and technical issues involved. Different specifications and performance criteria are often used in the country of destination and in the country of origin of a product. It is, therefore, important to understand and consider the specifications used to produce bituminous binders in one country, and the specifications that are used in another country to define project requirements and acceptance criteria.

ASC provides technical assistance and for each market to meet the conditions of the specific project, region, bitumen, asphalt and pavement.

Who we are

We are the mavericks of the industry who scrutinise the entire supply chain of bitumen and refining residues looking for answers, preferably new answers and innovative answers in order to make better bitumens, better asphalt and better pavements.

We are continiously looking for answers, as the answers need to change as the (business) environment changes. We are constantly on the hunt of a moving target.

We are Bitumen Designers.


Consultancy / Third Party Business Development

  • Ugrading concepts for residues
  • Bitumen Production Concepts
  • Bitumen Design
  • Selection & sourcing of additives and chemicals
  • Machinery & equipment for bitumen production & modification facilities, terminals, refineries, laboratories

Price Hedging & Risk Management

  • Fixed price term contracts
  • Development of proxy hedges for non-listed products

Contact us

Telephone +49 2132 9139 482
Fax +49 2132 9139 487

Necklenbroicher Straße 11
40667 Meerbusch, Germany
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