ZycoTherm nanotechnology substantially improves coating of asphalt binder on aggregates, ensures consistent and higher compaction and eliminates stripping for making durable asphalt pavements over the service life.


Improves coating upto 120 °C

Wets & spreads better even at lower bitumen content to give blacker looking mix

Reduces stickiness on trucks and compaction roller upto 90 °C

Captures sticky asphaltenes in nano cages of ZycoTherm for improved free flow and reduced stickiness to trucks or paver and compaction roller.

Improves field compaction upto 90 °C

Uniform flow ensures consistent densities at same number of passes

Eliminates stripping

Residual water in aggregate at lower mix temperature helps to promote reactivity with aggregate to boil test with 95 % retained coating

Eliminates odor

Captures all odorous compounds in nano cages of ZycoTherm

Reduces fuel consumption

Lowers temperature by 35 °C, saves fuel by 20–25 % OR Helps in longer hauls OR Allows paving in cold conditions 0–5 °C

Stable to storage

Stable for 15 days and more, suitable for terminal blending

Improves TSR values 80–90 °C

Melts and mixes hardened asphalt

Improves melting and mixing of hardened asphalt from RAP / RAS to reduce / eliminate raveling

Marinates aggregates as alternative to lime

ZycoTherm dissolved in water (ZycoTherm 1 kg : Water 400 liters) is sprayed on aggregates (5 % by weight of aggregates) and left to dry before processing for asphalt mixes

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